Epa Ops – The Science Effect

Where can you work with a geology degree? Collecting minerals or fossils and observing insects does not lead directly to geological formation. “And yet, there is a connection,” explains Marc De Batist, professor and chairman of the geology department at UGent. But who could have predicted that geology would alsoRead More →

This short article aims to simply describe the geology of the Caribbean islands. Without falling into the natural determinism that has long prevailed in Geography, we will present in a second part the influence that this particular geology may have had on the history, geography and economy of these islandsRead More →

An electric car is an automobile powered by one or more electric motors that use electrical energy stored in batteries. The batteries then project the energy through electric motors onto the drive train of the vehicle. Essentially, they work like a giant remote control car, only you still control itRead More →

Stars in the night sky have captured mankind’s imagination since the beginning of time. Humans were astronomers before they became farmers. And there are various wonders to be seen in the dark sky. The Andromeda galaxy can be observed with the naked eye from dark places. If you want toRead More →